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Oguma yayoi


Yayoi Oguma’s stories

  • 1991 - 2002

    From rock bottom to 130K-usd/year interpreter

    Oguma's story began when she was 20 years old, freshly-graduated from junior college, with only 6 yen to her name, and a TOEIC score of 280. She attended an English school for six months while balancing three part time jobs, on an hour of sleep, until finally achieving a TOEIC score of 805.
    With this success, she was hired as the lead instructor for a famous English conversational school, and by age 21 was supervising six native and Japanese teachers.
    In one year, she had doubled the school's students. Once she had achieved a TOEIC score of 950, she was accepted into an interpretation school, where she studied like crazy for a year and a half -- while working as a full-time instructor -- ultimately passing the highest grade of EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency.
    At 23, she debuted as the exclusive interpreter for a prominent foreign corporation.
    In three years, she had fulfilled her dreams of becoming an interpreter, at a time when it was said to take ten, even for bilingual speakers.
    However, the casual business English that was required in foreign corporations proved difficult for a 100% Japan-bred interpreter, compared to interpreters who had experience living overseas.
    With this, Oguma decided to concentrate on a single area of expertise.
    At Japan's Communication Research Institute, she challenged herself to become a technical interpreter, and by 27 was earning ten million yen per annum.
    Oguma continued to further her studies as a technical interpreter at an American manufacturer.
    She founded her own interpretation team, and took on more managerial roles.

  • 2008

    From up-to-neck in debts to success

    After interpreting for 10 years, amidst the process of looking for her life's calling, the Lehman Shock occurred -- Oguma realized that she'd invested her 20 million yen retirement fund into a fraudulent scheme, and was hit with 7 million yen in debt. Though she found work interpreting at a TV shopping firm, she was the target of vicious power-harassment from her boss, who told her to 'not stand out more than him'. It became so bad that she broke out into hives, and subsequently quit.

  • 2009

    Achieving all the personal dreams

    After passing an audition to simultaneously interpret for the number one coach in the world, Anthony Robbins, Oguma achieved the personal goal of interpreting for more than a 100 prominent figures; including best-selling authors, TV stars, and the author of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', Robert Kiyosaki.

  • 2015

    Giving back to Japan by improved English education

    Through her experience as a simultaneous interpreter, bridging the gap between Japan and the world in the political, economical, educational, sports, and entertainment spheres -- on more than 10,000 occasions -- Oguma began to feel that the issue with Japanese English skills had less to do with knowledge, and more with the mind. She began to experimentally provide English education, realizing that changing one's mindset not only helped improve English skills, but also helped people achieve their dreams.
    Oguma's unparalleled success was only possible due to her experience in simultaneously interpreting for the world's top leaders, prime ministers and global VIPS, as well as Nobel laureates and lauded speakers. In doing so, Oguma imprinted on her brain their rules of success, which she passes on to her students.

  • 2021

    Contributing to World peace by empowering women

    On April 17th, 2020, Oguma began recording her morning livestreams, feeling that the stress from Covid-19 was directly impacting households. In these livestreams, she teaches philosophies of success from around the world. In a single year, these recordings went from being viewed only 40 times, to 700 times or more.
    After harnessing the Law of Attraction to interpret for Bashar, who teaches the rules of the universe, Oguma discovered 'The Secret to Happily Earn 100 Times as More at 0.01 Times the Effort', and created her own seminar. Currently, she has come to her own spiritual awakening, and is dedicated to cultivating 1000 women who effortlessly and happily earn millions at a global scale.


  • COURSE01 億楽ライフコーチ講座
  • COURSE02 億楽インフルエンサー講座
  • COURSE03 速通訳起業講座
  • COURSE04 速ペラEnglish講座

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  • 『最速成功哲学』
  • 『世界で成功する 英語即聴力』
  • 『「英語で電話会議」の教科書~準備、本番、そのあとも!』
  • 『TOEICテスト280点から同時通訳者になった私がずっと実践している英会話の絶対ルール』
  • 『英語が面白くてとまらなくなる感動のマスターマップ勉強法』
  • 『TOEICテスト280点だった私が半年で800点、3年で同時通訳者になれた42のルール』
  • 『5000の場数を踏んだ同時通訳者が教える「本当に」ビジネスで通じる英語フレーズ643』
  • 『英語が面白くてとまらなくなる感動のマスターマップ勉強法(DVD版)』

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