Practicing with our unprecedented 30-minute video a day for 6 months help you build your communicative command of English and unshakable successful mindset to achieve your dreams.

Transform your successful mindset and English skills through daily practice of our 30-minute videos.
What sets us apart is that in our 30-minute videos we condense the routines that all world-class billionaires and successful people practice, but are difficult to make into a habit, so that you are able to immediately experience your brain being optimized, even after only a short period of time.
The 'Sokupera' method, which utilizes both English and Japanese, will install first-class English directly into your now-optimized brain in the most effective way possible.
This is the reason why so many students begin to pick up phrases from English TV dramas or movies, even before they finish the program.

We also include bilingual exercises that neuroscientifically increase your chances of success by leaps and bounds. You will automatically start to become the successful version of yourself -- it's no wonder that so many students begin seeing their dreams come true.
In these 30-minute videos, we utilize the structure of your brain, so that even in the 23 hours that you are not viewing them, your subconscious is tricked into constantly elevating your English.
Therefore, you don't have to use a dictionary, and you don't have to force yourself to memorize -- with this program, English will come to you naturally.

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