Our unprecedented program enables clients with a TOEIC score of 500 or
above to become professional interpreters within 6 months.

Most people think it impossible to become an interpreter within 6 months with a TOEIC score of 500 -- but this is a program packed full of secrets to maximize your mind and your English skills in the shortest period of time possible. Firstly, we will swiftly elevate your mindset into that of an interpreter. Your subconscious, which takes up 96% of your life, will be utilized to elevate your interpretation skills to the max, and increase your potential to 100%.

Then, we will do away with the old interpretation myth that one must be able to interpret all things at all times -- by concentrating on the field that you are most interested in, we will not only bring you to a professional level as effectively and immediately as possible, but also help you find your clientele. Don't waste time poring over endless books on subjects you're not even interested in, but find the most exciting field for you in which you shine most as an interpreter.

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