This program helps you become a powerful influencer by mastering the TED style
presentation skills in Japanese and in English to deliver messages across the world.

In the dawn of the Information Age, unleashing the power of influence not only in the work environment, but also with your family, in your private life, and in society will astronomically accelerate the speed at which your dreams come true. You, too, can make a profound difference by stepping into your role as a leader. Many people mistakenly think that the key to this is knowledge. What is truly needed is for you to awaken to your destiny, to embody the kind of existence and presence that naturally captivates an audience, to have a killer introduction that will overwhelm you with supporters, a message that will remain in one's heart till the day they die, a voice that one could listen to all day, and gestures that will help convey your message.

As someone who has spoken at numerous TED talks and worked as a leading interpreter, Oguma is the best person to teach you how to cultivate true influence -- not through difficult theories, but with practical methods that can be implemented on the spot. This is the ultimate Influencer Training Program.

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